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Advanced LT & MEWP Electronics – Module Two

Who will benefit from this course?

This course is for the more experienced engineer and covers a variety of the latest technology currently available.

Course pre-requisite:

Engineers who have completed LT Electronics – Module One

Objective of the programme:

This is a follow on course which covers diagnostics, MOSFET, SEM and Fault finding

Programme content:

  • Separately Excited Motor (SEM) control system
  • AC traction control system
  • Electronic steering
  • Generic wire guidance
  • Fault finding:
    • GE and Zappi SEM traction controllers
    • Zappi AC traction control
    • Zappi and electronic steering
  • MOSFET – control theory of operation
  • Oscilloscope/multiplexing
  • On board diagnostics
  • Fault-finding SCR and MOSFET controllers
  • SCR: GE EV1, EV100, Sevcon MC400
  • MOSFET: Zappi – H2 GE EVT100, Sevcon MOS90, Curtis control


Three days

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Advanced LT MEWPs Electronics Module2

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