Fault-finding on electric aerial work platforms

Fault-finding on electric aerial work platforms


Engineers who perform maintenance and repairs on electric aerial work platforms
Engineers who want to gain an insight into performing diagnostics by means of electrical diagrams
Engineers who want to retrain into becoming a repairer of electric machines.


Some prior knowledge of electricity and electric machines (notes of batteries, electric motors) is required.


  • To gain an insight into electrical diagrams of aerial work platforms
  • To be able to locate, recognise and check power components
  • To perform a diagnosis of an error by means of the electrical diagram and a multimeter.



  • Electric components and connections (diode, capacitor, thyristor)
  • Structure of the electric machines
  • Leakage currents and short circuits
  • Electrical diagrams:
  • Power supply shared components
  • Drive section
  • Lift section
  • Steering section
  • Options


  • Measuring electronic components by means 9of the handy-man and multimeter
  • Using didactic panels to check the functioning of the components
  • Using an electrical diagram and multimeter to locate faults:
  • Main contractor doesn’t rise
  • Drive controller doesn’t work
  • No hydraulic movements
  • Short circuit

2 days