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Drive controllers: Evolution and diagnostics – AC controller


Electrical engineers who come into contact with the new generation of electric machines and have to perform diagnostics on these.


Some insight in the functioning of electrical devices and familiarity with the electric quantities, measurements and fundamental knowledge of electronics and an oscilloscope.


  • To understand the operating principles of AC controllers is the first step towards an oriented diagnosis
  • To make an oriented diagnosis on common AC drive and pump controllers
  • To gain an insight in the functioning and controlling of DC motors. How to make an oriented diagnosis the controller depends on the controller that drives these motors
  • To gain an insight in the functioning and controlling of AC motors
  • To be able to make an oriented diagnosis via measurements of the controllers of these motors
  • To be able to perform a quick check of the power stage (functioning of the FETs/transistors/IGBTs).


Drive controllers

  • Main components in power controllers
  • Handy-man
  • PWM controller

Controlling of DC motors

  • ON/OFF controllers
  • Proportional regulation
  • Transistor control
  • SEPEX controller

AC controllers

  • Why AC technologies?
  • The three-phase asynchronous motor
  • Structure of the motor
  • (Regenerative) braking
  • The inverter
  • Functioning
  • Components
  • Adjusting the speed

The management system

  • Performing a diagnosis
  • Measuring with the oscilloscope
  • Digital signal
  • Analogue signal
  • Checking the circuit for voltage drops and wire breakage
  • Capacitor bank

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