Diesel exhaust gas after-treatment

Diesel exhaust gas after-treatment


Engineers who maintain and repair the new generation of (common rail) diesel engines.

Engineers who want to evolve with and gain an insight in the exhaust gas after-treatment of the new diesel engines.


Some prior knowledge of diesel engines is required.


  • To gain an insight in the new systems that reduce the emission of toxic exhaust fumes
  • To recognise and locate parts of the machine
  • To be aware of the functioning, points of special attention and safety of these systems and parts.


Euro – Tie standards

  • Different exhaust fumes and solutions
  • Short recapitulation common rail
  • Short recapitulation EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)
  • DOC – (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst)
  • DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)
  • Functioning
  • Regeneration
  • Passive
  • Active
  • Parked
  • Service
  • Stages of soot filter clogging plus indicator lights on dashboard
  • Replacing – cleaning: when, points of attention
  • Different systems
  • Kubota (Doosan)
  • Deutz 3B (JLG, Manitou)
  • Perkins (Manitou)
  • Short: DPF fitted afterwards
  • SCR (AdBlue)
  • Points of attention with regard to safety and maintenance
  • Importance of diesel fuel for new systems

1 day