Customer services for non-technical staff


For all non-technical FLT-customer-facing staff


Familiarity with the operating principles of a typical fork lift truck business


To demonstrate skills in the 8 Rules of Good Customer Service:

1. Answer your phone
2. Don’t make promises unless you can keep them
3. Listen to your customers
4. Deal with complaints effectively
5. Be helpful – even if there’s no immediate profit in it
6. Be respectful, courteous, and knowledgeable
7. Take the extra step
8. Exceed customer expectations


  • Introduction to Customer Service
  • Satisfactions and frustrations
  • Legal implications
  • Financial implications
  • What is good customer service?
  • Principles of Customer Communication & Care
  • What is your behavioural style?
  • Let us prepare to meet the customer
  • Customer /Engineer role-plays
  • Plenary activity. What will we do differently?


2 days

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