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New Training Equipment at F-TEC

F-TEC have recently taken delivery of a brand-new forklift engine and gearbox from Block Automotive.

The fully sectioned gearbox/transfer case shows the internal workings of a sectioned 4-wheeled drive transmission system. The exposed components include; 5 forward gears, reverse, selector forks, synchro rings, transfer case, planetary gears, mode fork, oil pump, drive chain and mode indictor switch. The mode selector lever allows the sectioned 4-wheel drive transmission to be demonstrated in 4 WD, 2WD and 4WD low ratios. Gear ratios can be observed using the reference mark on the output shaft and recorded on the table provided on the manual.

The fully sectioned 4 cylinder diesel engine shows the workings of the internal combustion engine. Exposed components include; cylinders, pistons, cylinder head and valves, diesel injection system, cooling system, oil system and alternator. The components are colour coded detailing engine oil, oil pressure, exhaust gases, air induction and fuel system. It is rotated via a handle to demonstrate the internal rotation of a 4 cylinder diesel engine’s components.

Karl Baum, Managing Director, says, “We have invested in these as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and ensuring our learners have the highest quality equipment to train on.”

New equipment
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