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Continuous Improvement at F-TEC

F-TEC are in the process of implementing further improvements to their facilities, equipment and course programmes. Karl Baum, Managing Director, explains how and why F-TEC are committed to continuous improvement.

“Technology is always developing and this is why we strive to provide our learners with the latest equipment in a modern, comfortable training facility. To ensure we offer the very best in engineering training, we have invested in a wide range of equipment and parts for practical, hands-on training relevant to today’s modern warehouse.

“With the growth in lithium-ion powered equipment, we introduced our High-Voltage course for engineers to learn how to ensure equipment is maintained and rectified safely with this potentially fatal technology. Our learners receive theoretical and practical training on our high-voltage equipment which we acquired specifically for this purpose.

“As we are continually reviewing and updating our practical equipment, in line with industry requirements, we have also invested in improving the training facility and recently changed all the lighting to new, energy-efficient LEDs which offers an increase in brightness further improving the training experience.”

“It’s important for our learners to have a comfortable environment to maximise their experience and we have invested in new ergonomic seating and desks in the ‘classrooms’ for the theoretical aspects of the courses. To further aid our learners, we provide them with iPads and keyboards to work on.”

“Just as technology keeps moving forward, here at F-TEC we believe in moving forward with it. This is why 2023 will see the introduction of more equipment, further facility developments and exciting, new courses on the very latest technology trend…Watch this space for more information!”

Li Ion Truck and workshop
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