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F-TEC Forklift Training Engineering Centre Ltd (F-TEC) is a national independent learning provider based in Swindon and was registered as a training company in 2014. In 2017, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) awarded F-TEC an apprenticeship contract. In October 2021, a full inspection took place, to view the full report please press here.


At F-TEC we all recognise that our purpose is to provide the very best quality learning experience for each apprentice within a safe, secure, and positive environment where mutual respect is paramount. F-TEC believes Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility.

Please visit our safeguarding page for more information

Policies and Procedures

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Information, Advice and guidance (IAG)

What is IAG? Information, advice and guidance activities help individuals to gain information about opportunities open to them about learning or work.

Careers education and information, advice and guidance (CE/IAG ) provided to students before the end of compulsory school may be essential to allow them to make suitable educational and employment decisions and to minimise the potential costs associated with uninformed and unsuccessful choices.

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As many of the Apprentices and Engineers that attend training courses stay away whilst at our centre, we have carefully selected a hotel that provides a good level of accommodation and service to all our training delegates, we also have an extensive SLA to ensure that apprentices are safeguarded whilst they are staying away that they have the best experience possible.


When apprentices are participating in their off-the job-training with F-TEC they are transported to and from the F-TEC training centre and the Village hotel by our transport partner Barnes Coaches.

For many years Barnes have transported schools on their trips, whether it is a 5-minute journey or a journey into Europe, as part of our extensive SLA ensuring our apprentices are safe, it is important that our apprentices are travelling with a coach company we can all rely on to provide the best and safest journey possible. Barnes have been awarded the maximum 6 stars by BUSK’s Benchmark scheme which promotes safe coach travel, and a link can be found here as part of the national guidance that local authorities and the Department for Education refer schools to.

Emergency Contact

Apprentices registered with F-TEC are issued with an out of hours telephone number in the event of an emergency. The number is 07425 783919

Further info

If you would like further information or would like to speak to one of the F-TEC team, please don’t hesitate to contact us by pressing here, or by calling us on (01793) 384449.

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