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What’s the most frequently asked question in the forklift truck industry? “Where can we get qualified engineers?”

The skills shortage in this area is one that we should all be concerned about. Without new qualified engineers entering the field, the fate of intra-logistics in the UK is at risk. With such reliance on intra-logistics across industries including retail and manufacturing, the risk to the UK economy, as a whole, is a very real one as demand outstrips availability.

For individual companies who supply forklift trucks, the more imminent risk is that the lack of available engineers results in failure to deliver on agreed maintenance contracts.

This issue has been known for many years and is getting increasingly difficult as the current pool of engineers approach retirement. Complacency and a lack of awareness by businesses mean the time to act is now. With the onset of Brexit and proposed changes to the movement of people within Europe, this skills gap will no longer be able to be filled by other nations.

F-TEC are addressing this by promoting the Up-Skilling Course: IMI – Lift Truck Maintenance & Repair Qualification Level 3. This programme provides the essential knowledge and competence for service technicians working on a range of forklift trucks. The programme is suitable for someone who has experience with machines as an engineer, a knowledge of operating principals of combustion engines and/or a knowledge of operating principals of electric vehicles.

The training is delivered over 6 months and includes 5 x 1-week training blocks at our dedicated Forklift Truck training centre based in Swindon. The training is supported by E-Portfolio, a distance learning programme which has been specifically designed to support candidates throughout their journey to attain their level three qualification.

There are a number of benefits to enrolling your staff on this course. It is designed and taught by industry experts ensuring the training delivered is relevant and easily applied back in the workplace. The course not only appeals to those currently working in the forklift truck industry but also other engineers from industries such as automotive, locomotive and parts.

Training is a recognised motivator for staff and up-skilling your team shows you are investing in them personally and will increase their loyalty. This is particularly relevant in an industry with such a small pool of qualified engineers who often move companies to the highest bidder. As well as keeping your staff happy, this course will also improve customer relations as the rates for first time fix will increase, reducing customer downtime.

F-TEC fully support the trainees throughout the course and offer access to additional expertise post-course. The pass rate for this course is exceptionally high at 94-98% success making your investment worthwhile.

The future is in your hands, fix the skills shortage now! Sign your engineers up to the F-TEC Up-Skilling Course TODAY!

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