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Level 3 High Voltage Electric Vehicle Rectification

This programme provides the essential knowledge and skills required to work safely on High Voltage Electric vehicles, whilst carrying out maintenance, testing and rectification activities.

A programme designed to complement current industry qualifications. On successful completion you will have an Ofqual accredited qualification to safely work on high voltage vehicles.


The programme consists of 2 mandatory units delivered through 2 separate courses, that will cover all the knowledge and skills for the qualification.

Key elements covered are:

Course One: High Voltage Electric Vehicle Maintenance

  • Understand high voltage electric vehicle components and operation systems
  • Know how to identify the hazards applicable to high voltage electric vehicles
  • Understand how the risks of working on high voltage electric vehicles can be reduced for yourself and others
  • Understand how to safely prepare high voltage electric vehicles prior to carrying out routine maintenance
  • Demonstrate the ability to work safely on high voltage electric vehicles

Course Two: High Voltage Electric Vehicle System Rectification

  • Know how to work on high voltage electric vehicles safely
  • Understand the appropriate information required to undertake the task
  • Know how to use the correct equipment and tools to undertake the activity
  • Understand how to carry out the rectification on high energy electrical systems
  • Know how to correctly record relevant information including making relevant recommendations

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the diagnosis and rectification of high voltage electric vehicles, including service and repair technicians, diagnostic technicians, and auto electricians.

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