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Online Assessment for F-Check Competency Levels

The F-Check assessments offer a comprehensive evaluation across six proficiency tiers:

  1. Initial Assessment: This level is tailored for individuals who are considering entering the industry directly from school. It serves as a foundational assessment to gauge their potential.
  2. Recruitment and Benchmarking Tool: Designed to aid employers in the industry, this confidential online assessment tool is accessible to employers, engineers, and technicians alike. Participants are presented with randomly elected questions covering health and safety as well as technical topics.
  3. Engineer and Technician Evaluation: If you are an engineer or technician, the online assessment provides you with insights into your position on a nationally recognized “competency ladder.” It also offers guidance on how to enhance your skills and increase your earning potential, including the option to join the Pro-Tec Register.
  4. Employer Benchmarking: For employers, this online tool allows you to benchmark the competence of applicants or employees against national standards. Importantly, it helps identify the necessary training to elevate your service team’s performance and productivity.
  5. Training and Assessment: At the conclusion of any F-TEC training or as a prerequisite for further training, delegates are encouraged to complete online assessments. These assessments serve to validate newly acquired knowledge and skills.
  6. Gateway for Industry Apprentice Standards: The F-Check system also serves as the gateway assessment for the new industry apprentice standards. These gateway assessments occur at the end of each of the three years of the apprenticeship.

Upon successful completion of any of the assessment options (1-4), users will either attain Level 3 accreditation qualification or receive guidance on additional training requirements. Successful Level 3 candidates will be invited to enrol in the industry-approved Pro-Tec Register.

If you aspire to become a Forklift or powered access technician, the F-TEC assessment system provides an ideal starting point for a truly rewarding career.

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