Electrical connection, isolation & charger fault finding - 12 February 2019

Electrical connection, isolation & charger fault finding – 12 February 2019

Where and When

12/02/2019 : 9:30 am - 4:30 pm at F-Tec Training Centre

About this course


This training is intended for engineers working with electrical and electronic lifting equipment, who want to improve their fault-finding skills.


Prior knowledge in performing measurements and fault-finding is required.


This valuable and highly practical course will cover the relevant regulations and working practices to enable engineers to safely carry out electrical connection and isolation – charger wiring – relating to lift trucks.


Subjects covered include:

  • Types of batteries
  • Safe use of batteries
  • Electrical isolation procedures
  • Basic three-phase and single-phase wiring
  • Cable sizing, overload, and short circuit protection
  • Cable types and their applications
  • Common electrical terminology and symbols
  • Basic wiring and operation of chargers
  • Practical wiring and connection of chargers
  • Fault finding testing, inspection, and certification of chargers
  • Assess condition of and calculate conductor requirements
  • Conventional chargers
  • High frequency chargers
  • Types of HF chargers (error codes)
  • Fault finding testing, inspection of HF chargers

1 day

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