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Complaints Procedure

F-TEC’s Appeals, Complaints and Compliments Policy 

Appeals procedure and possible grounds

F-TEC has an obligation to advise you about the procedure and grounds on which you can make an appeal, and to allow all relevant records of appeals to be inspected by its senior leadership team (SLT) and by the external verifier of the awarding organisations.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of your assessment, you should discuss this initially with your trainer or contact the Head of Quality and Curriculum.

We aim to solve all problems at this level. If not, you should contact the Head of Quality and Curriculum to advise that you wish to make an appeal and you must submit your appeal in writing. The appeals procedure is illustrated on the following page.

Appeals should be made within six weeks of the date that you first raised the issue with the Head of Quality and Curriculum.

The grounds on which you can appeal are based on the contravention of any of the criteria for the assessment centre’s approval and where this has resulted in you being treated unfairly.

Here are some examples of grounds for an appeal:

  • Administrative shortcomings – for example, inaccuracy in recording your progress or unreasonable delays
  • Inadequate resources – for example, inappropriate or insufficient physical resources, or inexperienced and unqualified staff
  • Shortcomings in the conduct of assessment – for example, non-availability of alternative assessment methods or the use of extraneous criteria by your assessor
  • Barriers to access – for example, the imposition of unreasonable requirements as a precondition to assessment
  • Lack of equal opportunities – for example, discrimination against your age, gender, race or creed, or other contraventions of F-TEC’s equal opportunities policy
  • If you feel that your trainer has made an unfair judgment or decision about your competence or evidence, you must give clear information about this and relate it to the published standards or the assessment process.

If your appeal is forwarded to the awarding body, their decision will be final. You will receive notification of any decisions from the Company (F-TEC).

Appeal outcomes

Appeal upheld

If your appeal is upheld at any stage during its hearing, you will receive a written apology from the centre and, if appropriate, your assessment record will be amended. You may be given opportunities for further assessment at no additional cost. Lessons learnt from the decisions will be immediately notified to other assessors and verifiers of the centre to prevent similar errors from occurring.

If your appeal was on the grounds of discrimination, you will receive a written apology and the situation will be immediately rectified to ensure that you have fair access to your chosen vocational qualification. As appropriate, staff will receive a full briefing on the issues, and receive any additional training required to ensure they are fully conversant and supportive of the equal opportunities policy.

Appeal not upheld

If your appeal is not upheld, you will receive written notice of this with the reason for the decision. The external quality assurer will be provided with all the relevant documentation on your appeal and may review the case as part of his/her monitoring procedures on the centre. This will not normally involve conducting re-assessments or speaking with you.


A customer complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not.


This procedure is the mechanism for customers to raise concerns or complaints about F-TEC services. The aim is to prevent unnecessary delay whilst ensuring a full and fair assessment of the circumstances of an individual complaint. A formal complaints procedure should be seen as a last resort in the search for a solution to a problem. Before using the formal Complaints Procedure, each customer should normally raise the issue with his or her normal contact within F-TEC. Where, in the complainant’s opinion, the matter is too sensitive, personal, or confidential to discuss with their normal point of contact the issue(s) can, in the first instance, be presented directly to The Senior Leadership Team. The following procedure applies to any of our customers. These can be applicants, apprentices, employers, and parents.

F-TEC Operating Principles:

F-TEC acknowledges that there are two sides to every dispute. This procedure intends to provide both parties with the opportunity to provide evidence to substantiate their version of the issue/incident. Full disclosure of any allegations or evidence will be made to both parties.

Where issues cannot be resolved informally, The Senior Leadership Team will consider the evidence of the complaint. The Senior Leadership Team is from outside the area of the complaint and will have had no previous involvement in the issue or concern.

All information supplied by customers will remain confidential for use within the complaints process. Only staff directly involved with the complaint / investigation / resolution will be given access to the facts of the case. Complaints provide an important source of feedback on the performance of F-TEC services. F-TEC monitors the registration of each complaint and the progress towards reaching a satisfactory resolve.

Complaints will be monitored by the F-TEC senior leadership team to ensure they are dealt with promptly and efficiently.

Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

Customers will receive a written acknowledgement from F-TEC for any Complaint received either written or verbal.

Any party involved in a complaint has the right to be accompanied and represented by a person of his or her choice at every relevant stage of the procedure.

F-TEC staff have the right to be accompanied by their immediate line manager or colleague.

All staff that are dealing with complaints shall where appropriate, seek guidance and advise from internal/external sources to resolve a complaint. The identity of all parties will be protected, wherever possible.

Making a Complaint

The complaints procedure is designed to help everyone register their concerns and to help F-TEC respond effectively and appropriately. Complaints are dealt with in two ways: –

Informally – by informing F-TEC of concerns which will be addressed directly by the Managing Director without formal investigation.

An informal complaint can be made by:

  • Speaking to a Trainer/Coach, Support Hub, Senior Leadership Team or Managing Director
  • Providing feedback via Learner feedback forms, during a 1-1 session or Senior Leadership Team
  • Talking to any member of staff

Formally – by putting the complaint in writing to be addressed via formal investigation.

A formal complaint can be made by:

  • Completing F-TEC feedback form (available from the Trainer/Coach)
  • Contacting a member of the Senior Leadership Team at or 01793 616182
  • Emailing any member of the F-TEC Team

F-TEC Complaints and Compliments Procedure

Where the issues raised affect a number of stakeholders, such as learners, they can submit a complaint as a ‘group complaint’. In such circumstances, F-TEC can ask the group to nominate one learner to act as group representative. F-TEC may decide to communicate only through the representative and expect them to liaise with the other students. F-TEC may decide to consider an anonymous complaint if there is a compelling case – supported by evidence – for the matter to be investigated. However, raising a concern anonymously might impede the investigation and communication of the outcome.

For assistance with logging a complaint, contact F-TEC Head of Quality and Curriculum.

All complaints shall be dealt with within a two-week time limit (10) days of the alleged incident, matter, or concern. To support any allegation that is made the complainant shall provide evidence. Where supportive evidence is not provided, F-TEC reserves the right not to progress with the complaint.

Each complaint will be recorded on a Complaints record.

All communications relating to a complaint shall be submitted in writing were reasonably practicable.

Where a matter is not fully resolved within the two-week period, the Complaint will be reviewed by the Managing Director.

Investigating a Complaint

The Senior Leadership Team will investigate to consider the facts of a case. Supportive evidence shall be provided along with related documentation to substantiate the allegations. A summary of the complaint and details of any evidence considered will be recorded on the Complaints record.

Any persons that are interviewed are entitled to be accompanied by a representative of their choice at all stages of the process.

Once all the evidence has been collated and the facts of the case have been identified, the Senior Leadership Team will present the necessary recommendations to the Managing Director. The complainant will be notified of the decision and any relevant proposals for addressing the complaint.

Customers shall note that the decision whether to initiate disciplinary action against a member of F-TEC staff, is a management decision and does not impact upon the outcome of the complaint. The outcome of any disciplinary action will remain confidential and is a F-TEC management decision.

If disciplinary action is taken the complainant may be required to attend a formal disciplinary hearing in the capacity of a witness to substantiate allegations.


If a customer feels that the procedures have not been followed or a decision is unreasonable, they have the right to appeal to the Managing Director within (21) days of the announcement of the decision.

The grounds for the appeal should be clearly stated and evidenced in writing and sent, in the first instance, to the Managing Director. Supporting papers should be included with the submission at this stage.

  • The Managing Director will review the papers and re-interview relevant parties where necessary.
  • The Managing Director will respond to the appeal within 21 days of the appeal being received.
  • The Managing Director’s decision will be final.

F-TEC Operating Principles:

  • The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for dealing with complaints.
  • F-TEC shall consider its duty to promote equality and diversity throughout this process.
  • F-TEC shall endeavour to deal with all complaints informally in the first instance, aiming for a quick and satisfactory resolution.
  • All information that you give will be treated fairly and in the strictest confidence in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any information relating to a third party will also be treated in confidence and in accordance with the Act. The information provided will only be used for the purpose of dealing with complaints and for monitoring.
  • All complaints that are submitted to F-TEC will be dealt with in accordance with this procedure.
  • Once your complaint has been received, F-TEC will:

1. Acknowledge receipt of your complaint by telephone or in writing.

2. Tell you who will be dealing with your complaint.

3. Tell you what action will be taken.

4. Tell you when you can expect a resolution.

5. Keep you informed of the advances being made with your case.

As a company we are always encouraged when clients, customers, and Apprentices are pleased with the service that we provide. We encourage any positive feedback or comments as this gives is an insight into the way we work with our clients and how well we deliver on our programmes and projects. It also helps us to consistently maintain our high level of customer service and satisfaction.


Testimonials are the greatest compliment we can receive. We usually receive testimonials verbally, in the form of letters and in the form of an email.

We will always endeavour to take Apprentices comments seriously and will consider suggestions and improvements. This also gives Apprentices a chance to see that we have listened to their comments and suggestions and that changes have occurred as a result.

Reviewed 16th April 2021

Next Review Date: April 2022

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