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Bespoke Engineer Training


Engineering is the creative application of science and maths to solve problems. These problems are resolved through innovation, design, construction, maintenance of structures, machines, materials, devices, systems and processes.

Our state-of-the-art facility at F-TEC is fitted out with the very latest industry equipment to be able to offer bespoke engineer training that relates to the industry you are working in. Working with this brand new, cutting-edge technology gives you the best possible education, across six main core areas:

1. Power Source

We train all standards of engineers on petrol, diesel and gas engines, and brand new high-voltage electric motors, which are increasingly prevalent.

2. Transmission

Our engineers learn how lift truck and MEWP driveline systems operate, as well as how to check, test and replace them.

3. Chassis/ Frame

This covers everything about maintaining and repairing lift truck and MEWP mechanical handling and hydraulic systems, as well as steering and braking systems.

4. Electronics

Our trainees learn traditional hard-wired systems, as well as new chemical-based systems, and crucially, robotics.

5. Hydraulics

We take our engineers through simulations of every single hydraulic process, as well as teaching them the related protocols and minimum standards.

6. Diagnostics

Our engineers learn how to identify and diagnose maintenance, operation, functionality, and safety issues on all systems, as part of our “First-Time Fix” approach.

All our existing training courses can be adapted into bespoke training packages to meet your individual business requirements. We will work with you to identify and develop training solutions. This can be delivered at our dedicated engineer training facility in Swindon or at your own premises.

Our pass rate for engineers is extremely high, well ahead of the industry average. Whether you’re an experienced engineer who is learning a new system, or an apprentice who is totally new to engineering, we have a course to suit you. If you are looking for something specific that isn’t in one of our standard courses, get in touch and we can tailor one for you now!

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