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Apprenticeship Training

At F-TEC we offer accredited Apprenticeship Training to the Lift Truck and Powered Access Industry.

Working with small businesses and major manufacturers alike, our ethos is to provide all our customers with high quality apprentice training that will produce competent engineers for their business.

Our services include not only the training, we can also assist with your recruitment, to help source the right apprentice for your business. We ensure our training programme is managed to a high standard, so as a partner, of F-TEC you will be made fully aware of the performance of your apprentice throughout the programme.

We are able to obtain on most occasions Government funding or levy payments to help towards the cost of the training, if you take on someone under 18 years of age, it is most likely to attract the most Government funding support and we can help secure government grants of up to £1,000 for companies with under 50 employees looking to take on an apprentice aged 16-18 years.

The Apprentice scheme is a three-year programme, which on successful completion they will be awarded a level 3 Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Apprenticeship.

Level 3 Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineering Technician Apprenticeship

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Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineer Technician Standard

Over the course of the 3 years, you will learn all the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to become a level 3 qualified Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineer.

At the end of the apprenticeship you will be able to complete the following duties:

  • Repair or replace faulty electrical / electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic parts
  • Carry out scheduled servicing/safety checks on all vehicle/unit applications where applicable
  • Carrying out pre-delivery inspections, test and make any final adjustments in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, identifying problems, or fine-tuning performance, using a laptop or hand-held diagnostic equipment
  • Maintain, diagnose, and repair internal combustion engines, engine management systems and fuel systems to include liquid petroleum, gas (LPG) and diesel fuel injection
  • Maintain, repair, and diagnose drive trains, including, hydrostatic transmissions, final drive units and AC/DC drive motors, drive controllers and battery systems
  • Maintain, adjust, and repair complex mast/ boom configurations including lift chains, in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and relevant legislation
  • Maintain and test emergency descent functions in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Respond to breakdowns, diagnose faults and carry out regular services
  • Complete all paperwork (hard copy or electronic) with the relevant and required information and within the specified timescale using all support including IT as necessary. This will include clear identification of part numbers, order numbers, times and dates, recommended further action and customer commentary
  • Maintain stock levels to maximise efficiency and communicate additional requirements in a clear manner to the staff responsible for ordering parts
  • Ensuring Health & Safety policy and procedures are adhered to
  • Keep manager updated with progress and notify them of potential problems with customers and their future requirements in a timely manner, using appropriate methods e.g. email, telephone
  • Keep the customer and colleagues informed about the progress of the service or repair and any follow-up work required
  • Ensure equipment and uniform are clean and in good order, reflecting company image

Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineers can be found in many sectors, wherever businesses need to lift and move products, equipment and people safely. This is vital to a huge range of industries including: engineering, manufacturing and construction, food manufacturing and the storage & logistics industries.

The broad purpose of the occupation is to service, repair and maintain lift trucks and powered access vehicles. This can include manual, electric, diesel, LPG, and hybrid-powered machines both tracked and wheeled, vertical mast type machines both static and self-propelled along with equipment mounted on vehicles, such as: forklift, scissor lift, vertical mast, articulated and telescopic boom, elevated work platform machines both static and self-propelled along with equipment mounted on vehicles. There are also Lift Truck and Powered Access machines specially designed to meet specific applications.

This can take place in a range of locations such as at a workshop, repair centre, warehouse, foundry, cold-store, manufacturing plant, engineering, construction site, storage & logistics site or any field service environment including customer’s premises, so some Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineers work from their own mobile units. Many companies require staff to work shifts, which can mean that their weekly hours involve working nights, weekends, and bank holidays.

In their daily work, an employee in this occupation interacts with supervisors, warehouse staff, colleagues and customers.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for inspecting and maintaining vehicles/equipment as well as diagnosing and repairing faults. They are in direct contact with customers and are required to understand and meet customer requirements, providing a high standard of customer care.

At the end of the apprenticeship, having passed the End Point Assessment (EPA) they will be a qualified Level 3 Lift Truck and Powered Access Engineer, with the ability to attend customer sites, diagnose the problem and have the ability to either economically repair or replace parts where necessary.

The training will take place over block release at F-TEC’s training centre in Swindon, they will do 5 blocks per year, 15 in total, taking them through the basic principles all the way to advanced diagnostics. We have 3 state of the art training areas, a dedicated conference suite to broadcast our webinars and 2 fully functional workshops, with a diverse selection of machines.

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