Monthly Archive June 2016

New dedicated training centre will fill the forklift truck service engineer skills gap

BITA Academy has announced that it will now be known as F-TEC (Forklift Training Engineering Centre).
At F-TEC, the next generation of UK forklift truck service engineers will receive the highest levels of industry-focused skills training and mature engineers will be able to upgrade their knowledge to ensure that they keep pace with the industry’s increasingly rapid technological advances.

upLIFT Magazine F-TEC: FLT engineer training and apprenticeships

In one of the most significant developments since the formation of CFTS, the FLTA and BITA have joined forces to create a training centre in Swindon. The centre is dedicated specifically to the training of fork lift engineers and apprentices.

F-TEC (the Forklift Training Engineering Centre) – has been created by the industry for the industry and puts industry training and apprenticeships firmly in the hands of the organisations that know exactly what is required.

F-Tec Logo 2020

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