Service Engineer Development Courses

F-TEC is the new training location for both the FLTA short courses and TVH for Technical Training courses. Select a course below to find out more:

Apprenticeship Training and Progression

Engineer Training 

Development for Non-Engineers


The following training courses are coming up:

 Course Date
Forklift technology for non-engineers  12-13 September 2017
Thorough Examination  12-13 September 2017
 Thorough Examination Revalidation  14 September 2017
Thorough Examination 26-27 September 2017
Safety for Service Engineers  28 September 2017
 LPG Fuel Systems 2-4 October 2017
Thorough Examination 10-11 October 2017
Electrical Connection, Isolation and Charger Fault Finding 12 October 2017
Aerial work platform technology for non-engineers  24-25 October 2017
Thorough Examination  24-25 October 2017
Intro to Common Rail and CAN-Bus 26 October 2017
 Thorough Examination Revalidation  26 October 2017
Principles and Maintenance of Batteries and Chargers 20 November 2017


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